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Hi all...just wanted to say that I'm new to the community. I don't know why I haven't joined earlier. I just didn't think about there being a hardcore christian community and was looking at all the people who'd listed "Demon Hunter" as one of their hobbies.

I'm working on my MA in Christian Studies at the University of Mobile (Alabama) and have been listening to the harder stuff in Christian music since I was like 8 and bought my first Whitecross album (yes, i'm that old!) I bought Mortification's "Scrolls of the Megalloth" on tape when I was 14 (!!) so I'm pretty much old school (seeing the 90s as the heyday for Christian hard music). I like some new school stuff (Demon Hunter, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster(saw them in concert this past monday!), Flyleaf, etc.) but a lot of the stuff out there is so generic (imho) and it seems it was just put out to make a buck.
I have pretty eclectic tastes, ranging from emo style a la Pedro the Lion to hardcore like Six Feet Deep and Spoken to the growling death metal style of Mortification, Lament, Ethereal Scourge, etc.
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Uh, hello. My name's Caitlin. I live in a really small town in Alabama, (Er, Rachel. I don't think near you.) and I have been a Christian since January 2002. That was 5th grade for me. I'm having a really hard time right now, you know? I want to do so many things, but I want to please God at the same time. I love fantasy books, but at the price of my faith? My friends... I need new ones, or at least try to lead these to God. The worst thing is, I'm homeschooled, and I haven't seen them since September of last year. Also, there is the girl, Vicki. I really need you guys to pray for her, just as hard as I am. She claims to be a Christian, and she goes to the same church I do, but she hangs out with these really depraved people. I mean REALLY bad. Just, please. I may not know you, but through God you can help.

Hey I'm new here.

my name is Rachel please add me i have been going to church for a long long time but i have been letting go. Long story why. But i really need to get back with God. I'm here for some help. I really need people you in my life. We don't have tons tons tons of Christians a couple but they always but on there christian faces at church. I live in alabama small town so there are churches on like every street so there aren't many at my church. I am really born in Chicago moved here in the 7th grade. Well I am just here cause I love God, have to put my life on a better road and because i love Hawk nelson and many other bands. Love always Rachel
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Hey, you guys!
Vote for Relient K, pretty pretty please!!
You don't have to register for anything or give your email address, just select them & hit the vote button. Apparently you're allowed to vote more than once, too, so...alright. Vote for RELIENT K! :)
<3 to you all.

(If you don't know who Relient K is, they're an amazing Christian/punk/rock-y kind of band. A couple of friends & I got to see them in concert when they came to our city & we got to meet Matt!) :)

Thanks very much!

Hey guys

Hey everyone who's actually here! Lol. Just a quick question: What are your top five favorite bands?

Mine would have to be:
1) Haste the Day
2) Zao
3) Showbread
4) Dead Poetic
5) Demon Hunter

I like a million more, but those are probably the ones I listen to the most.
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The New Community

Hi everyone! I'm trying to make some friends on LiveJournal, and I thought this was the best way to do it. My interests are obviously hard-driving Christian music, and you can read my profile or the community's profile for more.

I'm considering making a webpage or a website for the community if we can manage to get enough members. But first things first, we need people to join. So make a post or two, invite your friends here, and enjoy. Hope you decide to join! Please post!
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