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Post Your Testimony Here

This is a place for everyone in the group to post their testimony. I hope you will all want to participate and share with us how you came to Christ.

I don't know if my testimony is very interesting or not, but here goes! I got saved for the first time when I was 7. I had been going to Christian school my whole life (untill 8th grade), but I never understood how to get close to Jesus or what it meant to be saved. I finally got it one day when our teacher was talking about the rapture. I was scared half to death and wanted to know how to get saved. So that night I prayed for Jesus come into my heart and got saved. I lived a good Christian life untill I started public school in 8th grade. I wasn't going to church at the time, and Christians weren't cool. I wanted to fit in, so I stopped listening to Christian music, and I stopped reading my Bible all the time. I barely had any relationship with God left. Once it got to that point, I started to backslide. You've heard it all before, hanging out with the wrong friends. Listening to the wrong music, watching the wrong TV and movies, doing all the wrong things. Even getting into all the wrong relationships and going to all the wrong lengths. I somehow managed to keep my virginity. I never got into drugs or alcohol either, but that was the next step. I was severely depressed. I would starve myself and never sleep. I hated myself. I felt so lonely, and I often wanted ot die. I never wanted to kill myself, I just wanted to die. I felt like no one cared about me in the world. I spent most of my time sprawled out on my bedroom floor in tears. Then one day when I was sitting with my back to the wall and my knees to my chest, I suddenly decided to pray. I asked God to save me and send me to a church where I could be nurtured and supported and above all cared about. He promptly answered my prayer; 2 days later I was invited to go to Life Church, which is about 30 seconds away from my house. I got saved the first time I visited, and have never been happier or more blessed. I am now a member of Life Church, Gamma Omega Delta (the Christian club at my school), and many Christian websites. I also run my own Christian website (Hardcore Devotion), which I feel that God has called me to create as a ministry tool. I read the Bible all the time and talk to God everyday. I have a much better relationship with God and I'm not depressed anymore. I have set my goals to find what God has called me to do, train up to do it, and fulfill my calling to the absolute best of my abilities. And I have set the goal, that before I die, I want to bring at least one person to Christ, and help them reach a very personal relationship with Him. I love the Lord with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind and I want to share him with others. And that's my testimony.

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